Monday, February 20, 2006

Life is a Journey...pfff...

Youve heard it, some chick or gay guy sayin something was a journey, "Oh, that experience was a journey, I laughed I cried..." Why dont you shut up, a movie is not a journey, american idol is not a journey, climbing mt. everest is a journey, navigating the amazon is a journey. i can see how someones life could be a journey, cooks life was a journey, lewis and clark, their lives were journeys, because they actually did stuff, the fat chick sitting on a couch watching soaps useing the word just isnt justifiable, the biggest journey shes taken is to the fridge and back, and thats another thing if that fat cihck looses weight, shell call that a journey, it is an over used misunderstood word, i call for a total ban on the word, unless the conversation is about the band, other than that, no more journies for me...i dont even know what im talking about anymore, so heres a pic...i still suck at drawin chicks, but theyre gettin better

...hope this was a journey for you


At 3:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just Journeyed over to this Blog of yours. Clicked in from the DrawingBoard

Nice "bomber-chick" pic! You should post it over there. I can see the Kricfalusi influence.

P.S. this is Bubbashelby


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